Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Cool 5 - First Annual Beech Mountain Run

A fundraising dinner for A Cool 5 will be held May 31st at 6:00pm.

Asian Dinner prepared by Chef Cynthia Lehr, a graduate of Johnson & Wales University.
Bar service with professional bartender is included.
Proceeds go to the Beech Mountain Playground at the Buckeye Recreation Center.
Donations start at a minimum of $100.00 per seat; these donations are tax deductible.

Maximum of 10 seats available!

For questions and or for reservations, please contact Ricky Holcombe at 828.387.4246
Information about the race can be found at
Information about Beech Mountain can be found at
Information about Chef Cynthia Lehr can be found at

Monday, September 3, 2007

Beech Mountain News

Tell us what you're hearing about Beech Mountain?

Beech Mountain Chamber Success

The Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce, what do you believe it needs to succeed. Why?


What changes do you believe must take place in order to:

  • Increase Revenues and or Decrease Expenses
  • Increase Revenue Percentage Used For Marketing/Advertising
  • Increase Efficiencies, Communications and Operations
  • Increase the Quantity and Quality of Reporting Data

What do you believe is the proper marketing strategy and why?

Our City Council

We have three opening and four candidates. Who should be the three and why?
Let's remember that this isn't another popularity contest...let's choose qualified people...